Managed IT Services

Let us run the technology

so you can run your business

Monthly Service Agreement

No contracts, cancel anytime.

For a flat amount paid at the start of each month we proactively handle every technology need your business has, from keeping the front desk running smoothly to protecting your most business-critical documents.

Most of our preventative maintenance is performed automatically outside of business hours. Things like updates, backups and security scans all happen in the background with zero impact to your day-to-day operations.

Our automated monitor-alert-resolve platform catches and fixes most problems before they surface. For those it can’t fix, we receive instant notifications so we can act immediately.

Remote support is just a phone call, text, or email away with response times as quick as 15 minutes!

Tech-onsite guarantees are available to ensure we’re at your business in as little as an hour in the event of catastrophic failure.

In the event all technicians are unavailable, our network of subcontractors stands ready – armed with our industry-best documentation and direct communication lines to all of our technicians. We can have boots on the ground even during the busiest of times.

The best part, we’ve personally met and screened every single one of our subcontractors and know them by name!

The not-so-small print

Lots of promises, but what’s the catch?

  1. Monthly Service Agreements vary by client.
    • Pricing, included services and response times can be unique to a client.
    • We do this to provide the best possible service catered to your business.
    • For example, if your business stores documents in the cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc), nightly “disaster-recovery” backups are likely enough. The nextdoor-business, however, may need several computers backed up to an on-premise storage server every half-hour.
    • In fewer words, a nail salon’s needs are different than a law firm’s.
  2. Every Monthly Service Agreement is re-evaluated every 6-months.
    • We do this so we can adapt with your business, but it doesn’t mean prices will always go up.
    • Typically, we’ll classify the first month or two as an “warm-up period” and this is when any major changes come up.
    • For example, if your business was onboarded with an expectation of high labor spend, but now our automation is keeping everything running smoothly for your business, we could lower your monthly cost!
    • On the flip side, if we’re dispatching technicians every day to your business when the prediction was very little labor spend, we may need to have a discussion.
    • Most of the time though, no adjustments are necessary!
  3. No contracts, no lock-ins works both ways.
    • Even though this happens very infrequently:
      • You’re free to let us go as your service provider at any time.
      • We’re free to let you go as our client at any time.
    • We wouldn’t take it personally, and we hope you wouldn’t either!
      • We’re always happy to cooperate with the company or person that takes our place!